Rate and Valuation Books

One of the most popular resources for tracking down family and local history. They provide a wealth of information about every property that paid rates. Use the search facility to trace ownership, occupation, addresses and even approximate dates when buildings were constructed.

How to use Rate and Valuation Books

Don’t be misled by the title – Rate and Valuation Books are much more than lists of names and amounts payable. The following guides provide basic information for understanding the power of these historic books. A word of caution when using the database – the transcriptions reflect not only the skill of the volunteers interpreting the handwriting, but also the level of literacy of the original clerk (or their informant).

How to locate your property

How to date your house

Social history in the rate books

Rate Books Abbreviations

AAV : Assessed Annual Value

CRA : Combined Rate Arrears

CRC : Combined Rate Current

DP : Deposited Plan

FAA : Fixed After Appeal

ICV : Improved Capital Value

UCV : Unimproved Capital Value