Manning Shire Council came into being as a result of the Local Government (Shires) Act 1905, which divided the whole state into shires with the exception of the existing municipalities and the Western Division. The first meeting of the elected Manning Shire Council took place in December 1906.

The Shire comprised three Ridings, A, B and C and included some forty-one parishes generally being:

Riding A: Cundle, Dawson, Harrington, Lansdowne, Stewart, Taree, Yarratt.

Riding B: Barnard, Bobin, Bulga, Cooplacurripa, Giro, Kerewong, Khatumbuhl, Killawarra, Knorritt, Kokomerican, Lewis, Mackay, Marlee, Marsh, Mummel, Rowley, Ward, Wingham, Wyoming.

Riding C: Belbora, Beryan, Bohnock, Bootawa, Coolongolook, Forster, Gloucester, Kundibakh, Mimi, Oxley, Talawahl, Tinonee, Tuncurry, Wang Wauk, Wollom.