Do you have an interesting story to tell about the NSW MidCoast*?


Length: Approx. 200 words

Content: Stories can be about any topic connected to the MidCoast region including people, places, buildings, or events. They can be funny, sad, quirky, informative, humble or ostentatious. But they have to be true.

Evidence: The stories on the website will preserve the region’s history for future generations. It is important to reference facts in your story so others can refer to them later. Some sources of evidence include newspaper articles, photographs, letters, birth/marriage/death certificates, or books. We can help you find these sources if you are not sure. Please provide any basic information to assist us.

Images: Stories come alive when they are coupled with related material such as photos, recipes, maps, poems, etc. Please include at least one image.

Permission: If you are not the owner of an image, then it is important to seek the owner’s permission before using the image and acknowledge the owner in the story. Photographs taken before 1955 are generally considered out of copyright such as images from newspapers.

Authors: All stories will be reviewed to ensure consistency across the website. You may be asked to make amendments or additions during this process. All authors are acknowledged and retain copyright of their work.

Not feeling too confident?

Don’t worry, we are here to help. If you have a basic outline of a story and some sources of information, send them to us and we can help you bring the story to life.


*The NSW MidCoast includes the former council regions of Gloucester, Greater Taree and Great Lakes.

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