Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

MidCoast Stories takes your privacy seriously.

Location Data:

The MidCoast Stories application uses your location data to display relevant maps and tours to you.

a) Your location data is neither transmitted to MidCoast Stories or stored on the MidCoast Stories’ servers.

b) You may turn off the location features under the settings page of the app.

Disclosure of information: 

Unless you have authorised us to do so, MidCoast Stories will not rent or sell your personal information and will not disclose it to any third party except:

a) to our service providers, credit reference and debt collection agencies, and selected business partners;

b) to relevant authorities, parties and/or applicable intellectual property rights holders (or their representatives) if we consider that you are in breach of MidCoast Stories’ rights; or

c) where required, or permitted, by law.

Mobile Apps:

We do not require users to sign in to access app content and we do not store or transmit any personally identifiable data.